How ERP forecasting can help fresh produce businesses recover after the pandemic


Fresh produce is an industry with a wide range of factors causing uncertainty. From season to season, even relatively small shifts in production conditions, demand or price levels can lead to changes in businesses’ bottom lines. Add into the mix a world slowly emerging from the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s more difficult than ever to know what the next season will bring.

As we discussed in our view on the pandemic crisis, Covid-19 has caused many short-term changes in the fresh produce industry. As the virus is brought slowly under control and we adapt to the ‘new normal’, fresh produce businesses face huge uncertainty over what the future holds. Areas that will continue to be particularly prone to this uncertainty are:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Demand from the hospitality industry
  • Seasonal labour 
  • Logistical challenges between countries

But despite these concerns, a return to some sort of normality presents great opportunities for fresh produce businesses. Nobody knows what the makeup of the industry will look like over the medium-to-long term, but by learning quickly businesses can begin to predict the future with more confidence.

Our new eBook explains how accurate forecasting, enabled by technology, helps businesses plan for the future better, and how this will be more important than ever as the industry begins to recover from the pandemic.

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