Data Headaches in the Fresh Food Industry


In the modern age we have huge amounts of data available at our fingertips, which was unprecedented even a decade ago. Real-time data analysis empowers businesses to make beneficial decisions with a minimal amount of guesswork.

However, the sheer volume of data available to companies can be intimidating, difficult to make sense of and prohibits the fast decision making required in the constantly evolving fresh food industry.

Our central goal at LINKFRESH is to drive business growth through the power of ERP software.

Our fresh food specific ERP system, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, allows for easy access to real-time data for any aspect of your business, allowing for fast, agile decision making to be made at all levels of the business.

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For one client, the Moulton Bulb Co., a large issue was the limited visibility of products on-site. The leading allium producer came to us looking for a system which would allow for full, top-down, real-time visibility of all of their stock across all locations. In their own words:

“Previously there was limited visibility of product on site which made controlling up to 1,000 bins of 50 different products across 20 warehouse locations difficult. Now we have real-time stock information which has solved stock rotation issues, reduced waste and greatly assisted stock control.”

The power of using the LINKFRESH system for stock control was echoed by the Business Unit Director at Produce World Group, who told us:

“Being a real-time system made a massive difference to our stock management. Previously, we were lucky if the stock was accurate once a day. Now, it is always up to date.”

This level of accurate, real-time insight on stock levels at all locations is easy to access and make sense of and allows you to quickly make decisions to maximise stock efficiencies.




One of the most difficult things to measure and make savings on in business is staff efficiency. Staff inefficiencies can cost businesses millions of pounds a year, meaning the potential for savings is huge.

The real-time data available with LINKFRESH allows you to easily monitor where your staff are most needed and maximise their time. A Dispatch Manager at G’s Fresh told us:

“LINKFRESH has increased our productivity and reduced issues on the shop floor. A supervisor was previously working 11 hours a day, we have now reduced his day down to nine hours.

I’d estimate that we are saving £700 a week in reduced labour costs at this site alone.”

Not only are these significant cost-savings, this increased efficiency also has the benefit of ensuring your staff are better rested and less fatigued, ensuring they maintain maximum efficiency and limiting sick days.



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A major issue we see time and time again with potential clients is traceability of their products. The power of LINKFRESH ERP allows for complete traceability at a highly granular level, with location data available at the touch of a button.

This has seen major benefits for clients; Moulton Bulb Group Director, Robert Oldshaw Jr, told us:

There are measurable efficiency benefits.

Traceability of product, for example, can now be done in a quarter of the time and having information at the touch of a button recently helped us achieve an A+ rating in two unannounced BRC audits.”

Produce World have also seen the power of real-time data dramatically reduce the effort required for traceability with a Director telling us,

“The effort required on product traceability is also greatly reduced. What used to take eight hours is now reduced to about 15 minutes. “



Using data well has never been more important to the future of your business than it is today. At LINKFRESH ERP we understand the fresh food industry, allowing us to create software which speaks the language of the fresh food industry, and provides you with the data you need, accurately and in real-time.

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