ERP for the future: transforming agribusiness through data


A new horizon in agriculture is starting to take root. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, and ERP systems are helping fresh produce businesses respond to contemporary challenges. For many, the old ways are no longer feasible. Out of date software, paper records, and inaccurate forecasting do not provide farmers with the tools they need to boost efficiency and productivity at a rate in keeping with rising demand and increasing costs.

By implementing technologies, built specifically for fresh produce businesses, it is now possible to save on costs, improve yields and meet increasingly stringent compliance regulations. More efficient supply chains, that improve timeliness and reduce risks, are also feasible using technology.

Outmoded business practices now scupper a fresh produce businesses chances of remaining competitive in an industry fast embracing technological solutions to contemporary challenges.

In this guide below, we look in-depth at the changing nature of agriculture and at how different technologies are being utilised by fresh produce businesses. Building efficiency and productivity into the very function of a fresh produce businesses, makes it possible to respond to commercial challenges in a way that maximises profit, and fosters growth.

The guide unpacks several key areas of understanding, which are vital for any businesses looking to be up-to-date with fundamental changes already taking root in the industry -

  • How is agribusiness changing and why? A broad overview looking at new technologies destined to uproot the industry; including AI, Blockchain, and autonomous machinery.
  • The role of ERP. How an ERP system, built specifically for agriculture, can best prepare your business for changes in the industry, while improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • What about supply chains? Why technologies are vital in reducing the risks and inefficiencies inherent to agricultural supply chains.
  • How ERP can benefit your agricultural businesses The commercial benefits of an ERP system built specifically for agriculture.
  • Implementation risks How to best implement technological solutions to contemporary challenges.
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