ERP Headaches - My ERP Needs to Adapt to my Specific Industry


With their obvious benefits, ERP solutions are becoming ever more commonplace. With the sheer amount of choice available, it may seem a simple job to find the right solution for you on the surface.

However, ERP software is a large, complex system and each industry comes with its own unique challenges, making it vital to choose ERP which is suited to your industry. This is particularly prominent in the fast-moving and vastly complex fresh food industry.

Currently, using generic ERP and trying to modify it to fit your specific industry is common. This causes a number of headaches, can cost a lot of money and put people off using a tool which can dramatically benefit your business if used correctly.

Some of the problems with adapting generic ERP to your specific industry are:Infographi_elements-6 copy


ERP software has a reputation for being difficult to implement. It’s a natural side-effect of implementing a large IT solution which fundamentally changes a lot of the ways you operate your business on a day-to-day basis. This is made even more complex when the solution is not specifically adapted for your industry, with time being spent on modifying the product to fit your basic needs.

At LINKFRESH we develop our ERP software specifically for the fresh food industry, meaning our software has all of the features you need out of the box, plus extra features that you don’t have with other ERP solutions. Our modules cover specifics such as pallet management, produce grading, harvest planning and grower accreditations, to name a few.

This makes implementing the software much simpler, faster and cheaper whilst giving you all of the tools you need to take your business forwards.

“What’s great about LINKFRESH is that it has been designed specifically for the fresh food industry with the required functionality for product tracing and ‘sell by/best by’ monitoring and controls”

 Noble Farms Auditor


You may be able to modify other ERP solutions so that they’re able to meet your requirements and develop work-arounds to perform other tasks, but you may still lack certain features which would be of massive value to your business and help to improve your efficiency in a number of key areas.

Features such as real-time stock control, product tracing, consignment profitability, trading board, 3rd Party Services and other features vital to the food industry come as standard with LINKFRESH ERP. If you’d like your ERP to have a feature central to the fresh food industry, LINKFRESH will have it.


“Discovering the LINKFRESH suite which was designed for the fresh product industry was a real breakthrough. The impressive fresh produce functionality packaged within the application made the decision to switch an easy choice”

 Trent Gorse, CFO, Gourmet Trading


Working with providers who don’t understand the food industry is a common issue for fresh food companies when looking for ERP software. The fresh food industry, with its reliance on short lead times, slim profit margins, and constantly changing regulations, has a wide range of challenges and it can be difficult for outsiders to understand your requirements. This can result in a lot of time being spent educating your provider on these challenges and why you need specific features to ensure you get everything you require from your ERP solution.

Working only in the fresh food industry gives LINKRESH a unique insight into your business which other ERP providers do not have. We are aware of the challenges involved in deploying ERP software in the food industry and have well-established strategies for minimising these issues to ensure a smooth installation. LINKFRESH speaks the language of food.

Our industry expertise also allows you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are getting all required features, without paying for additions you won’t require and that we will be able to provide full support throughout and after the implementation process.

“We carried out a detailed search for a suitable system for our egg grading and packaging operations from leading global software suppliers. On finding the Microsoft Dynamics based LINKFRESH ERP suite, we were pleased to discover that the package had already been successfully deployed in a business similar to ours. It was also clear from our research that LINKFRESH fully understood the challenges of the shell egg supply chain industry”

 John Leitch, CFO, LH Gray & Son Limited.

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