Food Industry Headaches – Keeping your Customers Happy


The fresh food industry is a highly unique industry, nowhere else is it more important to have constant real-time information and to keep everything in your business running quickly and efficiently whilst ensuring quality levels are maintained.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a food grower is keeping retailers happy. Every day you will be dealing with a wide range of clients, all of whom have different requirements and quality checks.

Juggling your competing priorities whilst keeping everyone happy and ensuring they all have the information they require and all deliveries go out on time is a constant challenge.



An important part of any business relationship is your client knowing they can always rely on you for in-depth, correct information. The speed of the food industry makes this a much more difficult task than it sounds, giving businesses who can provide this information a unique advantage in an incredibly competitive industry, as MMD Shipping discovered when they invested in the LINKFRESH ERP system:

“The system now installed at the MMD Terminal in Portsmouth incorporates many innovative and creative technologies that precisely match our needs. It provides us and our customers with real time information on all aspects of the produce moving through our supply chain. This is a significant and unique commercial advantage in what is becoming a highly competitive port sector.”

– Director, MMD Shipping.

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As discussed by MMD, a significant benefit of the LINKFRESH system is that it gives you the ability to provide accurate, real-time data to your clients with ease. This ensures that when your clients have an enquiry you can quickly provide them with the correct information at the touch of a button, rather than having to call around, collate a paper trail,

or use estimates.

The ability to give your customers such precise information ensures every interaction is positive and gives your customers the information they require. The CEO of LINKFRESH user Produce World has discussed the benefits of this:

“By having good information on which stock we’ve got in our supply chain, it gives us at least a half of a percentage point increase in customer satisfaction. This puts us at the head of the league table. That means that we get more growth with those customers.”

– CEO, Produce World.



Alongside achieving more growth with your current customer base, your increasing reputation for providing market-leading customer service and timely, accurate information will provide you with the perfect platform to win new business.

The ability to no longer worry about the accuracy of the information you give to your customers or spend valuable time looking up said information will free you up to focus on continuing to grow and improve your business in different areas, ensuring you are in the position to maximise all opportunities presented to you.

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