What is Fresh ERP?


Fresh ERP – What is it, and why wont traditional ERP solutions work in the Fresh Produce Industry?

Real time data capture

You see, it decays… fast… fresh produce can ‘go over’ in a matter of hours. So, having a planning system that works on week numbers is no use at all.  A fresh produce business needs an ERP solution that captures data in ‘real time’.

Highly variable raw materials & complex grower payments

How will you pay your growers? For bulk receipt? After grade out? After pack out? Or a mix of all three options?  Welcome to the highly complex world of 'Grower Returns'; an area which traditional ERP solutions cannot accommodate.


Some ERP solutions offer traceability, some even offer Lot traceability, but very few ERP solutions can cope with the rigorous traceability requirements of a fresh produce business.


Timeliness implies real time data capture via mobile devices in the packhouse and in the field. Timeliness implies seamless data capture from other packhouse equipment, graders, sensors or weigh scales, etc.  Timeliness implies the ability to continue to capture data electronically even when there is no internet connectivity. 

Third party products

In your fresh produce warehouse you may have 3rd party produce that you process, handle, pick and place which you do not value in your inventory, but you will apply a servicing charge.  You will also have your own identical produce that you do value in your inventory.  How will your ERP solution handle this complexity?

Instability of supply

No matter how well you plan, stuff happens.  Floods, drought, fire and storms, causing failure of supply.  You need to know immediately where you can source alternative supplies, to the correct accreditation, certification and quality. If you cant supply your customers, someone else will!

Tight margins

Most ERP solutions enable good cost control, but this is imperative in Fresh Produce.  Growers are working on wafer thin margins, and it takes very little to turn a profit into a loss.  Recognising and controlling ALL elements of cost throughout the supply chain is paramount to a fresh produce company.

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