Fresh produce traceability: the GS1 checklist


Traceability is one of the single biggest concerns in fresh produce. Those familiar with any of the leafy green outbreaks over the past year can attest.

Meeting the requirements set out by retailers and traceability requirements like GS1 can be tricky. Each and every piece needs to be accounted for, added to your records and tracked. This process takes up lots of time and can be costly to keep doing as you scale up. Yet with the right tools, traceability requirements can prove quite easy to follow and implement.

GS1 is the globally recognised international standard for fresh produce traceability. It's been designed to increase visibility and public safety throughout complex supply chains. The standards lay the foundation for other compliance bodies, including HACCP, BRC and IFS, so it's something every fresh business needs to follow at a minimum.

How can you check if your processes are compliant? You could undergo a full audit, or, if you're short on time, you can use LINKFRESH's handy checklist to quickly review whether you're following the guidelines. From our experience in the industry, we've seen plenty of growers, pickers and packers follow these steps for easy traceability. We've also packed it full of tips to make traceability easier.

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