Future Fresh - Is Your Solution Future-proof?


There is a tectonic shift about to hit to FRESH ERP marketplace.

The global FRESH ERP market is made up of small local providers; software companies who have written an ERP solution for fresh produce to provide a local service to local grower, packer shippers. These ‘local heroes’ often get sucked into several different markets as the need to close business and meet payroll outweighs the need for a consistent strategy. But the world is about to change…….

Microsoft is entering the marketplace, bringing its massive technology stack, and massive R&D investment into the world of ‘digital agriculture’.

WHY DOES THIS MATTER? The Fresh Produce sector has never known such pressures as it is now facing (see ‘Fresh Pressures’ White Paper), reducing margins, lack of labour, increasing labour costs, increasing compliance & regulation driving a massive need for systems and automation.

Is your current system ‘future proof’?

Is your supplier keeping your fresh ERP system competitive, or are your peers going to gain a competitive edge over you?

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