Now is the time to embrace Fresh ERP for business transformation


For the fresh produce industry, 2020 has surely been the most hectic and challenging year in a generation. Well-laid plans for growth and improvement have had to be put to one side while businesses work all hands to the pump to adapt to a new reality and ensure survival.

However, some businesses were more prepared than others to weather the storm - and one of the key factors in this was their technology solutions. Our new white paper examines the role of Fresh ERP during the pandemic and beyond into an uncertain winter. We'll discuss:

  • The ways that Fresh ERP helped reduce the pandemic's impact on demand, packhouse logistics and off-site access
  • Why now could be the perfect window of opportunity to invest in Fresh ERP, with both the short and long-term future in mind
  • Aptean's new Business Scan service - a professional audit of your fresh produce business' technology profile

All the features that helped fresh producers during lockdown - from consignment tracking to business intelligence, from forecasting to mobile integration - are ones which enable steady growth and improvement in normal times as well. Click below to learn more about how Fresh ERP can boost the long-term fortunes of your business.

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