Mobile Quality Assurance in the Food Supply Chain


Quality assurance in the food supply chain is a vital concern. For suppliers and consumers alike, it is essential quality is guaranteed at every stage. A stringent regulatory framework from both the Government and retailers places strict requirements on suppliers, dictating they must be able to demonstrate traceability at all stages of production, processing and distribution. It is essential suppliers have robust systems in place to ensure they can deliver when it comes to quality assurance. By embracing ERP in the food supply chain suppliers can ensure quality at every stage. At LINKFRESH, we specialise in providing these quality assurance solutions for the food supply chain and, by utilising the Cloud, we’ve made the process even quicker and easier.

Supply Chain Management

LINKFRESH Cloud Quality Assurance

The demand for Quality Assurance information to be easily accessible from remote locations is more important today than ever before and LINKFRESH Cloud Quality Assurance provides a solution to meet that demand. LINKFRESH’s innovative cloud QA solution provides a comprehensive quality assurance tool on-the-go. Easily downloadable onto an Apple iOS iPad or iPhone and available on the web for other devices.

LINKFRESH Cloud Quality Assurance provides a suite of options to help suppliers record traceability and quality data electronically in real time. Our technology allows quality assurance tests to be configured within minutes and effortlessly categorised by customer or product. Organisations can centrally manage and remotely deploy required tests to users and devices anywhere in the world –vastly increasing efficiency as part of a cost-effective solution.

What happens if internet connectivity is lost? Thanks to LINKFRESH’s store and forward technology constant application availability is ensured. Data can continue to be collected with our technology using local storage capacity on the device. Once internet connectivity returns, this data re-synchronises with the cloud. It’s simple, effective and efficient.

When it comes to utilising big data, our quality-assurance technology is capable of pulling in data from third parties to help provide all the information suppliers need to make the best decisions to assure the highest levels of quality. From accessing information on the weather to data on soil samples from previous years, LINKFRESH Cloud Quality Assurance allows suppliers to access the information they need, wherever they may be, at the touch of a button. There is even a range of external device connectivity options allowing our technology to be integrated with weighing scales, thermo-meters, or portable printers, etc.

In today’s food supply chain climate, there is undoubtedly increasing pressure on suppliers to provide accurate quality assurance information virtually on demand. Through providing a user-friendly interface, and the ability for suppliers to record and access quality-assurance information from any location, LINKFRESH Cloud Quality Assurance offers the solution.

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