Rolling out fresh produce ERP with LINKFRESH mobile solutions


One of the most important considerations for implementing any ERP system is how the solution’s core benefits can be extended to all staff. This is especially true of fresh produce, where the efficiency of manual work like picking, packaging and palletising is so vital. Standard ‘out-the-box’ ERP simply isn’t suitable for achieving this goal due to the unique requirements of fresh produce and the demands placed on any new technology.

This article will explain how LINKFRESH’s mobile solutions ensure the benefits of the powerful features within our ERP solutions are available across a fresh produce business.

Why mobile solutions?

Modern fresh produce businesses are becoming more reliant on mobile solutions to maintain efficiency and deliver items of the highest quality. At LINKFRESH, we create core modules like warehousing with mobile usability in mind. Specific benefits of LINKFRESH’s mobile solutions include:

  • Reduce paperwork and errors. As we touched on in our article on the use of data in fresh produce, labour-intensive, on-the-go tasks have traditionally produced a lot of paper note-taking. With intuitive mobile solutions, businesses can reduce the confusion by introducing digital data-gathering; greatly reducing human error in the process.
  • Make tasks simpler for the workforce. Certain tasks, especially those in the warehouse and packhouse, can be more complicated than many may think. Navigating through often highly detailed production schedules mean speed or efficiency may sometimes have to be compromised. Personalised role-tailored mobile screens for each member of staff can streamline the process, helping workers excel in their specific role.
  • Extend core functionality. Whether it be a key element of LINKFRESH’s ERP solutions or a new automation tool, mobile technology can share the benefits across a fresh produce organisation. This allows staff to get up to speed quicker with these new additions, while integrating data directly into the existing systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering an intelligent blend of hardware and software when helping a business implement ERP, and this is no different for our mobile solutions.

The hardware

Depending upon the mobile application, the hardware requirements will differ.
The mobile devices which LINKFRESH recommend to businesses are chosen with fresh produce in mind. Whether it is a touchscreen device for maximum ease, or a priority for durability and use with gloved hands. Our mobile applications (e.g. the LINKFRESH Tablet QC application and our Mobile Warehousing solutions) can be accessed on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

The software

The latest version of LINKFRESH 365 Business Central is the most mobile-friendly yet, with mobile applications for many of our core features. Two areas where our mobile solutions provide particular value are in quality control and warehousing:

LINKFRESH Tablet QC application

Quality control is one of the key areas LINKFRESH ERP provides improvement in, saving time and reducing errors in the data. Due to the nature of quality control work, such software is only truly useful to businesses if it can be accessed on the go. That’s why we provide a dedicated application for mobile devices. The LINKFRESH QC application allows workers to make accurate quality control checks on factors including:

  • Goods at intake
  • Goods prior to shipping
  • Production environments
  • Packaging

This data feeds into the LINKFRESH traceability module, providing a richer picture of the supply chain. This proves to end-customers and prospective new customers alike that your business can be trusted to deliver what it promises. This is a prime example not just of a core LINKFRESH feature being extended to mobile, but of benefit being provided directly because of a mobile solution.

LINKFRESH Mobile Warehousing

Our dedicated mobile solution for the warehouse environment provides value to workers at all levels in the ways we’ve covered previously. Usable both “in-hand” and mounted on a forklift, LINKFRESH Mobile Warehousing rolls out features including:

  • Traceability
  • Third party inventory
  • Pallet tracking
  • Logistics
  • Image and signature capture

The solution is built with the core, repeatable pallet management tasks in mind. It makes it quicker and easier than ever for staff to carry out stock enquiries or build inbound pallets with simple barcode scanning and touchscreen inputs. One of the most important features of LINKFRESH Mobile Warehousing is that it was designed with the Warehouse User in mind and we offer ease of use tools like the ‘mass-move’ facility. This allows workers to scan and store multiple pallet IDs on a device, which can then be moved in bulk when the transaction is made. In addition there is also a “navigate by scan” facility, in which a heavy warehouse user can navigate around the Mobile Warehousing software simply by scanning a Barcode.

The LINKFRESH Mobile Warehousing solution is scalable - making it easy to assign new warehouse profiles and terminals to staff as your business grows. It is also personalisable. Each worker’s experience of the system can be different depending on their role, customised through the Mobile Role Center. Individuals can be granted or restricted access to certain areas of the solution from the centralised Role Center, meaning each is given exactly the tools they need to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible.

Hopefully this article has given you a taster of the value LINKFRESH’s mobile solutions could add to your business, but these are just a few of the benefits. To learn more about the LINKFRESH 365 products, including mobile solutions, download our Virtual Product Tour below.

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