What Kind of ERP Solution Do You Want?


Option A: MODERN

  • My ERP solution is dynamic, future proof, adaptable and modern, using the latest technologies.
  • It provides me with the information I need to efficiently and effectively run my business.
  • It is developed and supported by fresh produce industry experts who know my business and our industry.
  • It has unique features designed specifically for the fresh produce industry and is continuously updated to reflect changing industry requirements.


Option B: LEGACY

  • My ERP solution was written for the fresh produce industry of 20 years ago.
  • It is built on a technology platform that is now out of date and unable to adapt to the industry’s changing requirements.
  • Upgrades and new features are rare and technical support or customer service provision is fading.
  • My business data is not readily accessible and reporting is challenging.


If your fresh produce business needs Option “A” you should read our whitepaper – Modern Fresh ERP vs Legacy ERP.

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